Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I have been meaning to setup a blog dedicated to my ongoing research of the UFO phenomenon. I hope this is more successful than the five or so other blogs I have attempted in the last couple years.

My name is Brad Hirn (owendrab is a pseudonym), and I am a nineteen-year-old American student attending Northwestern University in Illinois. I am a sophomore double-major in English (hopefully Fiction Writing) and Gender Studies.

I began seriously researching the UFO phenomenon about two years ago. Given the current division among UFO researchers regarding methodology and priorities, I am especially interested in developing, with other researchers, a new methodology or discourse tolerant of alternative approaches but remaining focused on the phenomenon itself. Can we really claim far-reaching socio-political implications while there is still considerable doubt regarding UFOs themselves? We can either begin with the U.S. federal government or we can begin with the phenomenon. I suggest we re-evaluate our most basic hypotheses regarding UFOs, for if the phenomenon is indeed obscured by official secrecy as many claim, then that information will be uncovered without a doubt. Skipping steps will only weaken our research.

I basically want to keep this field of study going. I refuse to let it swallow itself.

Brad Hirn


Blogger Paul Kimball said...


Good to see your blog is up and running. I've bookmarked it, and will keep an eye on it!

Best regards,

Paul Kimball

4:30 PM

Blogger owendrab said...

Oh, didn't think anyone would notice. I wanted to publish another post before giving out the address.

But thank you; I look forward to working with you.


11:37 PM

Blogger RRRGroup said...


This is the beginning of a new UFO era I think.

I'll be a regular here, you can count on that.

Rich Reynolds

3:34 PM

Blogger edwest said...

I have been researching UFOs for 30 years. UFOlogy, as it appears on the internet, is just reinventing the wheel. More than enough information has been collected for conclusions to be drawn. The one consistent aspect of the phenomenon is the consistent ridicule of eyewitnesses that continues to this day. This means governments are hiding one of two things: man-made objects or extraterrestrial contact.
I don't think it would be beyond the efforts of researchers to look at both sides of the coin instead of being split into camps.


8:16 PM


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