Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I have been meaning to setup a blog dedicated to my ongoing research of the UFO phenomenon. I hope this is more successful than the five or so other blogs I have attempted in the last couple years.

My name is Brad Hirn (owendrab is a pseudonym), and I am a nineteen-year-old American student attending Northwestern University in Illinois. I am a sophomore double-major in English (hopefully Fiction Writing) and Gender Studies.

I began seriously researching the UFO phenomenon about two years ago. Given the current division among UFO researchers regarding methodology and priorities, I am especially interested in developing, with other researchers, a new methodology or discourse tolerant of alternative approaches but remaining focused on the phenomenon itself. Can we really claim far-reaching socio-political implications while there is still considerable doubt regarding UFOs themselves? We can either begin with the U.S. federal government or we can begin with the phenomenon. I suggest we re-evaluate our most basic hypotheses regarding UFOs, for if the phenomenon is indeed obscured by official secrecy as many claim, then that information will be uncovered without a doubt. Skipping steps will only weaken our research.

I basically want to keep this field of study going. I refuse to let it swallow itself.

Brad Hirn


This is my blog concerning the UFO phenomenon.